Flying in the Caribbean starts here...


How it all started...

It all started back in 2007. Our founder, Franklin Antoin, born and raised in Bonaire obtained his instructor license and was flying for a local airline called Dutch Antilles Express (DAE). After he got hired for this airline, he was approached by several locals in Bonaire with the question on how to become a pilot. At that point, he started with private training for a group of three students; his brother Danielson Antoin, neighbour/friend Amir Martin and Nelgenn Vrutaal. With that group of three they used to come together in the evening hours to do their pilot studies. After two years the boys finished their school and was recommended to go to Florida to continue with their studies. Apart from the fact that the classes were mostly for them to get to know the aviation path, they knew right away what would be their future in aviation.

In the meantime Franklin moved to Curaçao in 2007 due to the fact that DAE had moved to the island that year. After settling down in Curaçao, in 2008 he started to give flight instruction at the Aeroclub Curaçao. In 2011 he saw the opportunity to buy his own Cessna 152 Reg. N939AC from Naples Air Center. His first students that were studying at that school spotted this airplane and made the contacts. It didn't last long before the financing was done by a local bank and that airplane was prepared and flown over to Curaçao. 

Since then groups & individuals kept on approaching Franklin for information. He was quite known by people due to the fact that he had a weekly column in local newspaper Extra. In this column he used to write about several stories about his experiences and adventures in his aviation career. Apart from his professional airline job, he volunteered to give information about options into how, where and when to train. In 2012 the group counted with at least 25 members in Bonaire and Curaçao. 

- In 2013 they founded with a small group of prominent members the Falki Aviation Curaçao Foundation. The main goal is to have a legal identity to promote general aviation, provide information to future pilots and make it all more accessible especially for locals. One year later, in 2012 they acquired a Cessna 172 Reg. N51832. This way the activities could be done in Bonaire and Curaçao at the same time.

- In 2014 we got out peak and we registered up to 100 members in Curaçao and Bonaire.

- In 2015 Falki Aviation Bonaire Foundation became a reality. Even though they were two different foundations, the main goal was the same. It was all clear and we moved forward into getting more and more people involved in aviation. 

- In 2016 another Cessna 172 was acquired by the group Reg. N19842. There was no doubt that opportunities were created and that the interest was quite high. 

Intentionally we didn't choose to become a flight school. Being an approved flight school would bring a huge responsibility and higher costs. We wanted to keep it all simple and affordable. Our main goal is to guide you. The path is being created and the responsibility is yours. 

Finally we are doing what we can do for you. You can always contact us for any information on how to become a pilot, where to study and why, costs indication, pilot career market and even if you want to know how is the best way to fly between the islands with the local airlines. With our contacts all around, we established a stable connection and network with airlines and tour operators. So we can even help you organize a day trip to Curaçao, Bonaire and Aruba. If you want to do an introduction flight, this can also be done based on share a flight concept. You can register yourself as a friend of us and become a member and/or supporter/sponsor to our foundation. Feel free and ready for take-off.

Welcome to Falki Aviation and enjoy your journey. Like we always say: Flying in the Caribbean starts here!

Falki Aviation Team. 

Falki Aviation Curaçao at the notary in 2013.